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With his first ever audition, Nathan Arenas booked the regular role of Jorge Ramirez in the Disney series Bunk’d, playing the character across over 40 episodes before leaving at the end of Series 2 in 2017. Nathan played Evan in Mr. Neighbor’s House and Mr. Neighbor’s House 2, and amongst his other work, he has appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds, Shut Eye and New Girl. Previously, Nathan studied at Actors Giving Back, where he had Wizards of Waverly Place actor David DeLuise as a mentor, and away from acting, he runs his own YouTube channel and is a keen magician. Recently chatting with us, Nathan tells us about being cast in Bunk’d for Disney, having Jorge Ramirez as his first regular role and working on Mr. Neighbor’s House.

What did you enjoy most about playing Jorge Ramirez in Bunk’d?

Working on Bunk’d was amazing! My castmates taught me so much. One of the things I enjoyed the most was doing our network run-through! That’s when we do all the scenes in order for the network.

Can you tell us about your character Jorge?

My character Jorge was a very interesting boy who believes in aliens and all sorts of things! He has a great imagination and is very lovable!

You booked this role on your first ever audition, how was it having a Disney TV series as your first regular character?

I have to admit that at the time when I got the role I wasn’t sure what a series regular was… I was very green but, of course, later down the line I was so excited! I was part of Disney and that was my initial goal! Checked that one off the bucket list, haha!


Do you remember the moment you found out you’d booked the role?

I was OVER THE MOON when I found out I got the role!! It was amazing that I had booked something so big on the first audition!!

How much did you learn whilst on the set of Bunk’d?

My castmates were great! They’d fill me in with details and tips on set all the time! I learned a lot!

What was it like acting alongside the rest of the cast?

Working alongside the cast was like being added to the family! They were so kind to us and it was magical to work with people you’ve been watching almost your whole life!


You play the role of Evan in both Mr. Neighbor’s House and Mr. Neighbor’s House 2, what did you enjoy about being part of these productions?

Being on set with Brian Huskey is so great! He’d be making us laugh while filming scenes! I’m very happy with the result!

How was the experience filming for Criminal Minds as Robbie in the episode The Capilanos?

Working on Criminal Minds was so much fun! Matthew Gray Gubler was a great director and I hope to work with him again.

Who is your character Mateo Bustamante in Shut Eye?

Mateo is the son of Eduardo Bernal in Shut Eye. He goes to the same dojo as Lala Marks, Fonso’s daughter.

In 2016, you appeared in an episode of New Girl, what do you remember about being on the set?

I remember that while filming New Girl, Zooey Deschanel was really nice to me and almost on every take she’d look back and tell my other castmates and I that we were doing a great job! I also remember that their craft service was awesome!!


This year, you appeared in I Hate Kids as Frank, what can you tell us about this film?

I HATE KIDS was the first film I did! I had fun with my set siblings! Our director, John Asher, was great!!

Is there anything you are allowed to say about your role of Alex Kimball in For The People?

This is all I can say, my character Alex is a very sweet and honest kid who just wants everything to be ok.

We heard that you studied at Actors Giving Back and had David DeLuise, who played Jerry Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place, as your mentor; what was this like?

Having David DeLuise as a mentor was wonderful and the best part is that we got pretty close and we still keep in touch.


How did you first get into the entertainment industry?

I got started in the entertainment industry at age nine. We called up a number for an acting program, Actors Giving Back, which was my introduction to acting. I later signed with an agency which changed my life because of an audition I got from them, it was for Bunk’d. I’m pretty sure you know the rest.

Can you tell us about your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is really fun and crazy but I’m still working on being consistent! I’m working on a video at the moment with a special guest! My account is under The Nathan Arenas!!

Do you have any other projects booked for this year?

I’ve been working on a project that still has a TBD date! That’s all I can say!!

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