Alexa Adeosun


Last year, Alexa Adeosun filmed for an episode of The Athena as Young Nyela which had its premiere over the past couple of weeks with BAFTA. Alexa had a lead role in Netflix’s 2018 Christmas movie The Princess Switch alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Nick Sagar, where she played Olivia Richards, daughter of Nick’s character, Kevin. We spoke to the actress recently, who told us about filming commercials, being involved with Sky Ocean Rescue and appearing in The Princess Switch.

Can you tell us about your character Olivia in The Princess Switch?

Olivia was a curious eight year old who was slightly sarcastic, but overall was just your average eight year old who had an interest in ballet.

When did you find out you’d booked the role and when did filming take place?

I found out that I got the role probably early April, and the filming took place on May 26th – June 18th.

What was your favourite scene to film?

Definitely the snowball fight and the baking contest.

How did you prepare to play Olivia?

I had to practice an American accent for my role and I always had to have my hair in a certain way.

What do you remember from your first and last day on set?

My first day on set I remember we filmed the last scene (the wedding), it only took about three/four hours. On my last day, we were filming the baking contest, I remember being really hot and sticky during the whole of that scene.

What was it like filming alongside the rest of the cast members which included Vanessa Hudgens and Nick Sagar?

It was definitely an experience, it was really fun. They were all super nice and talented.

How long did it take to perfect the handshake scene with Vanessa?

Probably about fifteen minutes, they were switching the camera angles so we had about twenty minutes and someone reminded us that we needed to practice for our handshake scenes, so that’s what we did, it wasn’t the hardest handshake so I’m not surprised it only took fifteen minutes.

Is there anything you can tell us about Nyela’s Dream/The Athena?

Well, Nyela’s Dream I was in one episode and I didn’t watch it so I’m not sure about the storyline or characters.

You’ve also filmed for an Asda commercial, what was this like?

It was definitely a fun experience, although we had a lot of waiting, it was definitely worth it.

How were you involved with Sky Ocean Rescue?

I was a little girl who talked about lowering plastic use. I had a party, one with a ton of plastic and the other with reusable plastic container and cups. We also went to a football match.

Have you done any stage work?

Not really, only in my drama group – Alice in Wonderland and Narnia.

How did you first get into acting?

I think it was just something new that I was going to try out, just as a fun hobby.

What type of films do you enjoy watching?

Disney, animated, Pixar. Anything with a happy storyline I will watch. One of my favourites at the moment has to be Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Do you have any projects you’re working on at the moment?

No, currently I’m focusing on school.

Have you got any roles booked for this year?

Not at the moment because of school.

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