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After appearing in short movies a few years ago, Kate Tomlinson has since gone on to appear in TV series The Thundermans and Stuck in the Middle. Kate enjoys helping out with charity work and as a keen musician, she is also currently writing her own material. Talking with us, Kate discusses her role in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle, her music plans and filming at Paramount Studios.

Who is your character Hannah in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle?

Hannah is the love interest for Ethan on Stuck in the Middle. She and Ethan meet while his family are at a waterpark. Hannah is competitive but still sweet.


What is the experience working on a Disney production?

Disney is almost every young actor’s dream. It is surreal. Working on Disney was the moment I decided that film acting was my thing.


How was it returning to set to film again for Series Three after filming for the second series?

We filmed at a waterpark for season two and on a yacht for season three. It was so cool. In season three, I had a better understanding of set life so I was less nervous.


How did filming for The Thundermans differ from filming for Stuck in the Middle?

I loved the Thundermans. The Thundermans was a multi-camera comedy so the whole experience was different. We rehearsed for three days and shot for two. Stuck in the Middle was single-camera and we shot all five days with little rehearsing.


📷 : Armando Romero

What was the most exciting aspect about working on The Thundermans?

The Thundermans was filmed at Paramount Studios which is my favourite. I got to see Lucille Ball’s dressing room which was a dream. The most exciting aspect for me was obviously filming but also meeting some new friends. The two girls I filmed with, Addison Riecke and Laya DeLeon Hayes, are some of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met.


Can you tell us about your episode, Rhythm n’ Shoes, and your character Heather?

Heather is a mean girl. She is obsessed with fashion and hair accessories. I play mean girls a lot so the character was right in my wheelhouse. I also had to talk with a valley girl accent which was different and really fun. In the show, Heather and her best friend Stacy try to get Nora to choose them over her baby sister. We bully her but Nora is strong and stands up to us.


How was it meeting the rest of the cast for the first time and who did you spend the most time with on set?

I met the whole cast. They were extremely kind. I spent the most time with Addison and Laya.


How much did you know about Speechless before appearing in an episode in 2017?

My parents loved the show so I had seen multiple episodes. I also love Minnie Driver who was in one of my favourite movies The Phantom of the Opera.


You acted in the short production Humans in Training, what was this like to film?

Best experience ever. Humans in Training is about a group of child aliens coming to live on Earth. We totally don’t fit in and choose names like Bernard for a girl. I loved playing Bernard. She was so weird but a very complex and interesting character.


📷 : Armando Romero

What are your music plans for this year?

I am a singer. I am currently working on writing some songs. A lot of my songs are about overcoming a breakup with a guy who doesn’t deserve you. Writing is one of the ways I express my feelings. I haven’t released any music, maybe I will in the future but I want it to be perfect. My music style is very R&B mixed with pop. I really am taking my time because I want my songs to be about something and not bubblegum pop.


How were you involved in Teens Wanna Know?

I was so lucky to be interviewed by Teens Wanna Know during a fundraiser for Free2Luv’s Unstoppable. Unstoppable was an anti-bullying musical cirque event.


Was there anything that prompted your acting career?

Movies! I’ve loved movies since I was a little girl. I couldn’t imagine a better job. I would say musical theatre as well. Broadway was my first love until I started filming.


Are you involved with any charity work at present?

I work with the Special Olympics. It has been one of the most eye-opening and heart-filling experiences. The athletes in the Special Olympics inspire me to be kind, my best self, and to never give up. I would love to start my own charity to help kids. I think kids are the strongest, most honest individuals you will meet and I just love working with them.


Are you filming any projects in the upcoming months?

I am really excited about two upcoming projects – a movie and a TV series. They are both still in negotiations so I can’t say anything about them yet. Fingers crossed!


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