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This year, actress Tilda Del Toro appeared in Universal Pictures’ comedy movie Night School starring Kevin Hart, with the film released worldwide, including the UK in September. Tilda was cast as Mona Lisa in the upcoming biographical film Fonzo about gangster Al Capone and is currently working on her own production, Julia, which she has written and will be playing the titled character. We talked to Tilda recently about working on Night School, the upcoming movie Fonzo and her new production, Julia.

Had you always been interested in acting and writing?

No, I loved visual arts at first in high school. I did watercolour wood cut prints.


What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t become an actress?

I think I would be directing or producing!


Are any of your family in the entertainment business?

No, I come from a very traditional family. I was the first to be an artist and an actor.


How was it filming for “Night School”?

“Night School” was so much fun. Everyone on set was happy and joking and working very hard!


How long were you filming for this role?

Not too long. The shoot dates were very concise!


Who did you spend most time acting with?

Kevin Hart and Al Madrigal.


What was it like filming alongside the likes of Tom Hardy and Jack Lowden in Fonzo?

All of my work is with Tom. He’s an amazing, committed actor and person.


Do you have any idea of a release date for the film?

I do not!


What are the future plans for “Julia” and “Calliope”?

“Julia” is being developed as we speak with my producer Cindi Knapton. “Calliope” is a special project where I play five different characters from different eras and it will be for festival submissions.


Are you currently writing any new productions?

Right now it’s mostly a lot of auditioning and callbacks. We are heading into the holiday season. I was very close to a project I had to let go of, but I’m excited for 2019. Writing is on hold right now. Although, I’ll admit sometimes I just get an urge to sit and write a scene or two. I do not consider myself a writer though.


Where’s the furthest you’ve filmed away from home?

Not too far. Lol. New Orleans.


What was it like on set of “Our Brand Is Crisis”?

I don’t get to mention David [Gordon Green] much, but I’ve always been such a fan. I’m really excited I got to work with him. He was super kind to me and giving. Sandra [Bullock] was so supportive and gracious as well.


Has any of your work brought you to the UK either filming for a role or attending a UK premiere release?

Not yet. But I’ve recently had people write about me in the UK. Being and working in the UK is a dream of mine. I’ve been planning a trip to study there as well. It would be an honour.


Do you have a favourite actor or actress you would like to work with?

Honestly, so many I would hate to just write one down over the other. I’m grateful for everyone I get to work with!


Do you have any future projects you will be working on that you can tell us about?

“Julia” is my baby right now. I do have other projects in the works, but can’t mention them. As soon as I can I will!


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