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Stand-up comedian Zoe Lyons is currently touring with her Entry Level Human tour with shows still to come across the UK finishing at the Phoenix Theatre in Bordon on 21st February 2019. Zoe has recently appeared on Celebrity MasterChef where she reached the semi-finals and previously was a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind where she came away with the trophy. Taking time out of her tour schedule, Zoe tells us about presenting Zoe Lyons: Passport Paddy on BBC Radio 4, appearing on MasterChef and touring with Entry Level Human.

Can you tell us more about the Entry Level Human tour?

This is an extended version of the show I took to the Edinburgh Festival this year. I think this tour is the biggest one I have done so it is dramatically improving my already extensive knowledge of the British Road and transport network. If the comedy career dries up I can always get a job in tourist information now.

Are there any support acts on this tour?

Nope, flying solo. I am spending a lot of time in my own company. I have occasionally found myself talking to myself in the street recently.

What’s the response been like to the tour so far?

Audiences have been great, really up for it. I am not playing large venues, small arts centre type places and I am always delighted and a little surprised when people have made the effort to leave the house and come out to see the show. My gratitude knows no bounds.

Does the material of the shows change as the tour progresses?

The core of the show stays the same but it is fun to keep adding or changing little bits. It helps to keep my mind engaged with what I am saying.

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📷 : Mark Vessey

Are there any new places on this tour that you haven’t taken your comedy to previously?

I am going to Much Wenlock, a place I had never even heard of before. It sounds quite Harry Potter-esque. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

What do you enjoy most about your live stand-up shows?

Just knowing people have chosen to spend some time in my company, that is a real thrill.

How does it feel winning awards for your comedy?

It’s always lovely to be recognised for what you do but equally you have to take everything, positives and negatives with a pinch of salt. Comedy is very subjective.

What was your specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind and what was it like taking part in the show?

I chose to do the life and times of Quentin Crisp because I had just seen a brilliant one-man play about him and the biopic about him, The Naked Civil Servant, was such an  inspirational film. I really enjoyed doing the homework for the show but the record was properly nerve-racking. John Humphrys asked me my name and my brain momentarily went blank.

How did you find your time on BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef?

Loved every second of it. I love food and I enjoy cooking so it was a joy to be part of. I took my limited culinary skills to the limit. I wear my MasterChef apron at home with pride.

Was there much social media response to your appearance on the show?

It was really positive, it’s such a well-loved show, people really get behind you and are very supportive.

📷 : Mark Vessey

What was it like presenting Zoe Lyons: Passport Paddy on BBC Radio 4?

It was so interesting to go back to Ireland and talk to people there about what it means to be Irish and their views on Brexit and the rush by some to get dual citizenship.

How long were you recording for the show?

We did a whistle-stop tour of the South of Ireland from Cork to Tipperary and then on to Waterford and finally Dublin. It was a flying visit over only a few days but we met and interviewed so many great people.

Are you currently working on anything alongside your tour?

I’m working on a sitcom idea with a friend of mine. I am enjoying working with someone else for a change and writing something other than stand-up.

What are your plans for when Entry Level Human finishes?

A long sit down and a cup of tea. Then write the next show and start over again. There is no end to the amount of road we cover!

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