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After the success of his show at Edinburgh Fringe, Phil Nichol is now touring ‘Your Wrong’ around the UK finishing with numerous dates at London’s Soho Theatre. Phil joined the Original West End Cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie in November 2017 playing the role of Hugo and drag queen Loco Chanelle before leaving in July this year. Speaking to Phil on the opening night of his tour, he tells us about his time in the West End, touring with ‘Your Wrong’ and his plans for when the UK tour finishes.

Do you remember the first comedy show you performed, and how did it go?

It was at the University of Windsor, while I was at acting school. My friends and I formed a comedy trio called Corky and The Juice Pigs to enter a national comedy competition because the university house we were living in at the time had all the heating turned off in the middle of the Canadian winter. We thought there was a cash prize so we entered. We won! However, the prize was Nike air trainers and Akai Walkmans. We were freezing cold but had great shoes and cool music to keep us warm. We went to the finals of the competition which were shown on Global TV hosted by Eugene Levy. The rest is history.

Were there any comedians you grew up watching?

I wasn’t allowed to watch too much TV growing up as my family were devout Born-Again Christians. But my brother Andrew used to play cassettes of Monty Python and Eddie Murphy in his car when we were by ourselves. That was very naughty. Billy Connolly was our favourite. The Jobby Weecha is hilarious. Munchity crunchity.

Have you rehearsed your upcoming tour ‘Your Wrong’ to friends and family?

Yes. My long-suffering friends are very supportive. I recently performed a preview in one of my best friends, Kirsty’s, mother’s lounge room for all of her mother’s local friends. Great fun and superb feedback followed by a feast of food and wine. Thanks, Joyce.

What can people expect from these shows?

I just want you to have a laugh and a great night out. The show is very personal and thoughtful however first and foremost very funny. Hopefully, haha.

How easy do you find coming up with new material?

Any comedian will tell you that coming up with the material is the hardest part of the job. The performing is the pay off. Luckily for me, this show is based around actual events from my rather ridiculous life. So, to answer your question, it’s as easy as living.

When did the idea for the ‘Your Wrong’ tour first come about?

I was having an argument with a mate online about the flat earth. It was so silly and frustrating that I decided to write a show on the nature of belief.

Why did you decide to call it ‘Your Wrong’?

To be provocative and funny. It was something that someone wrote at me during the above argument. I thought it was funny but also sums up the essence of the show, which includes being able to admit Your Wrong.

How long did it take to put the tour together?

The tour company Mick Perrin International and I have been working on this since September 2017. It takes a lot of people to make this tour happen. I’m just a solo stand up but there is a lot going on behind me. Ohhh, sexy…

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What do you enjoy most about performing stand-up comedy?

Laughter. I love the sound. I love the effect of making people laugh. I want us all to laugh more. That and the free drinks.

Did you get chance to see any non-comedy related shows at Edinburgh Fringe and how did your show go down there?

There are loads of theatre, dance, and art at the Edinburgh Festival. It is a must-see event. Check out Trainspotting Live. This year I saw some friends perform a show called Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids which was excellent. I also played Werewolves which is a parlour game show which was tremendous fun. Massaoke is a live band group karaoke show which is ridiculously good and a great night. If you haven’t been to the Edinburgh Fringe then you should go. My show went very well too thanks. That’s why I’m taking it on tour. Please come and say hello.

Have you attended any comedy shows recently as an audience member?

It’s rare that I get the chance to see many other shows as I perform most nights. However, in Edinburgh, I saw many. Lou Sanders, Jen Brister, Alfie Brown, Phil Kay, Yuriko Kotani and many, many more.

What was your time in the cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie like?

It was one of the best experiences of my life. Loved every minute. Being surrounded by such a talented group of people made going into work every day a wonderful experience.

Had you played a role like Hugo previously?


What was the social media response like to your character?

I have had a such a super warm response, met so many wonderful people and hope that the fans of Jamie will come and see my solo stand up tour, which starts tonight! YIKES!

How did it feel appearing as Loco Chanelle for the first time to a live audience?

I loved playing Loco Chanelle. It was the highlight of a very long and varied career. She is such a fierce and funny character with such affection for Jamie. She is his mentor, adopted father and drag mother. I could not have asked for a better role! Thanks, Jamie!

Your tour ends with multiple dates at London’s Soho Theatre, have you played this venue before and what plans do you have once ‘Your Wrong’ finishes?

I love the Soho Theatre, it’s one of the most vibrant comedy/theatre venues in the world. It’s an honour to have a show running there so I’d love you all to come and see YOUR WRONG when it starts. After the run there, I’m taking the show internationally. I’m playing in LA, SE Asia, New Zealand, Switzerland and places like Amsterdam and Estonia. Check out my website for details!!!

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