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Since playing Logan Buchanan in the TV movie 16 Wishes which premiered on the Disney Channel, Keenan Tracey has gone on to do many more screen roles including popular shows Bates Motel and iZombie. Later this year, Keenan will be playing the role of Derek Gordon in the upcoming release Extracurricular and will also be debuting his own music as ‘Still Eye’. Recently chatting to Keenan, he tells us about working on iZombie, his role of Gunner in Bates Motel and if he always wanted to get into acting.

Earlier this year, you appeared in iZombie as Tim, can you tell us about your character and how was he introduced in the series?

Why, magically in slow motion, of course!

He first crosses paths with Liv at The Scratching Post. What starts as a love interest soon becomes something more surprising.

How did you find the experience filming for iZombie?

Rose (McIver) and I had met years ago and have since had a habit of running into each other in random places, like the airport, or indie rock concerts. We joked that set was just today’s place. You can always tell when you’re walking onto the set of a show with a crew that has already been working together for seasons. Everything is tight, and runs smoothly. They are really great people on all fronts on that set and it reflects in the vibes at work.


You played the role of Gunner in Bates Motel, what was this like and can you say more about him?

When I start a project I try to find the main characteristics of who I’m playing. I’ll then line them up with my own, finding both likenesses and unlikenesses, then amplify the percentage of yourself that is alike with that character. Gunner was your smiley-face, friendly-neighbourhood-stoner, so this one in particular, was one with fun homework.

What do you remember from your time filming as Logan Buchanan in 16 Wishes?

Well, it was my first real gig, so it’s one I remember vividly and fondly. I remember quickly falling in love with the job. The atmosphere on set, the high energy. People all on a team. I had only played solo sports so in a way it was the first time I had ever felt that sense of camaraderie.

Is there anything you can tell us about the productions Polaroid and Extracurricular?

Polaroid was produced by The Weinstein Company and was set to air just one week after the whole scandal went down, so the release of the movie had been postponed as the company was selling off all of their films. I believe they are in the final stages of that and, once that has happened, the film will be released under a different studio.

Extracurricular, on the other hand, should be set to release sometime later this fall. It is a psychological thriller in which myself and three other characters play young villains, with a taste for havoc.

old by soul ~ young by heart


Was there anything other than acting you wanted as a career when you were younger?

I grew up surrounded by music. It was always playing in the house or in the car. Good stuff too. A mix of all eras. I started playing instruments at nine and have since really taken to finding and learning new ones. Music became not something-else, but something-as-well. Film is the thing I get to go to work to do. Working on a production. Playing a part. But when I go home at night, it’s music. A production in which one can be their own producer, writer and performer. There’s a lot of power in the amount of control there is in that. I will be releasing my upcoming debut record under the title Still Eye.

What do you look for in a script?

I typically gravitate towards things I know I can put a spin on that no one else would. Parts that I know have enough breathing room within the movie, or show, to make some choices as to how you want the character to colour the scenes they partake in.

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