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Early in her acting career, Calah Lane’s first commercial was broadcast at the AT&T Stadium in front of the Dallas Cowboys fans, and she booked her first acting role at the age of four as Molly in Annie Kids! on stage. Calah stars as the lead character in award-winning short film Bad Things, and she will soon be seen in the American TV series Kidding alongside Jim Carrey, playing the role of Denny’s daughter, which premiered earlier this month. Sitting down to answer our questions, Calah chats to us about starting her acting career, musical theatre and being on set of Kidding.

You will be appearing in the new TV series Kidding as Denny’s daughter, what was it like on set and how long were you filming your role?

The director was so easy to work with along with my on-screen dad. It took less than a week to film all my scenes.

How was the experience working alongside the show’s star Jim Carrey and had you seen any of his work previously?

Working with Jim on set of Kidding was a fun experience. Jim Carrey is so funny and is actually my mom’s favourite actor! She introduced me to a lot of his films such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Having worked on the upcoming feature film Against All Enemies, are you able to say where you filmed for this?

Not sure if production wants location released, but when they do you will be the first to know!

Another role you’ve recently filmed is the untitled ‘Chris Morris Project’ alongside Anna Kendrick, how was it working with her?

I was able to spend some time with Anna Kendrick. We had a few moments sharing laughs and hugs. She is so sweet and I would absolutely love to work on another project with her!

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You played the role of Sue Ellen in the short film Bad Things, what can you tell us about it?

Bad Things was my first lead role in a film. It is about an eight-year-old girl on scholarship at an elite private school who starts to doubt the hard work it takes to get ahead. I’m so excited about it! It has been circulating in film festivals across the country and has already won two awards!

The first commercial you appeared in was broadcast at the AT&T Stadium, what was this like?

Having a commercial play at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium was an incredible experience! The first time I went to see the commercial play during a game, the employees of the stadium recognised me and took pictures. It has since been seen by over a million fans!

We understand you’ve also worked in musical theatre, what do you remember from your first musical role?

My first theatre performance was an Annie Kids! production. I played the lead role Molly. I remember Annie Kids! being my very first time I had ever auditioned. I was four years old and I sang and did a monologue in front of a crowd of people.

Would you like to do more musical productions and do you attend theatre school?

Yes, I would love to! Even though I am homeschooled, I am also in a very iconic musical theatre program this year!

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Do you enjoy watching theatre shows and have you seen any recently?

I really enjoy watching stage shows. Live stage shows are fun! I haven’t seen any recently, but I can’t wait to see another one very soon! My favourite TV musicals are The Greatest Showman and Annie (TV and stage).

When did you get into acting and how did you start?

From age two you could find me performing for anyone I could around the house. It was when I turned four that I got my chance to audition for my first performance experience which was for a stage play.

Are there any dream actors you would most like to work alongside?

Since one of my new loves is musical theatre, I think it would be a dream to work with Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman from The Greatest Showman.

Do you have any projects booked or coming up that you are able to tell us about?

I’m always so excited about what is to come. Right now, I don’t have any upcoming booked projects, but you can see me next in Kidding, premiering in US on Showtime September 9th.

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