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Last year saw Brooke Norbury play Young Kitty in the feature film Double Date alongside Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging star Georgia Groome and later this year she’ll be filming for her starring role in Charlotte Greenwood in a Fairy Fantasy. Brooke is working towards her black belt in karate and is soon to put her skills to good use in an upcoming project. Chatting to us recently, Brooke tells us about working on the film Double Date, preparing for her lead role as Charlotte Greenwood and her short film Rise of the Departed.

What age were you when you started your acting career?

I started acting age three at a local Drama Academy but didn’t start doing acting jobs properly till I was eight.


How long have you been training in karate and how did you get involved with it?

I have been training for three years now once or twice a week. My mum had a talk at work about some things that weren’t very nice going on in secondary schools not too far away from home. Mum and Dad decided then and there that I should have a martial arts skill to protect myself, I went along with it but I ended up really enjoying it. I’m a blue and white belt so not too many belts away from getting my black belt now.


What was it like handling African butterflies when filming your role in the feature film Double Date?

It was amazing I’m a huge animal lover they were big, very big and they kept licking the salt on my hands making them tickle.


Did you have to learn how to handle them in a special way?

There were two handlers with them and the main things I was told was don’t damage their wings and hold them in a cup shape in my hands. I loved it, even though they kept flapping in my hands. I also had to make them fly a certain direction for the scene. At one point I remember blowing on one as it had fallen asleep in my hands and one of the handlers said it was the best way to get it moving.


How much involvement did you have as Young Kitty?

I was in a flashback scene where Kitty’s sister was looking for her in a big mansion house it was all very eery.


Which cast members did you get to act alongside?

I was so lucky that I got to do my scenes with Georgia Groome. I’m a big fan of the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in which she plays the lead role. I didn’t know she would be acting with me until I got there, I just felt so lucky and she was so lovely.


Where did you film for your part and how long were you on set for?

In a big deserted mansion at the top of a big staircase at night, it was so exciting. I kept looking at the clock thinking if I was at home I’d be in bed by now.


What was it like watching the film for the first time?

I’m too young to watch the film as it’s a very adult theme. I was allowed to watch my part though, it reminded me how much fun I had on that day and I have it as a memory to look at forever.


How much are you able to tell us about Neighbourhood Ties and your character Hannah?

This film is about a young girl, Hannah, who goes missing and her mum decides to kidnap everyone she was last in contact with and interrogate them of their whereabouts, she then murders them one by one. Very gruesome!


Have you finished filming your role as Thunder in your upcoming production? 

I will be filming the role of Thunder later on in the year. I can’t wait as I’m playing a vampire that does martial arts and I get to use my karate skills on the leading lady Sarah Archer.


What was the experience like on set of Lighter?

I only did voiceover work for this film so never actually got to go on set unfortunately.


Where can people see the short horror Rise of the Departed?

It hasn’t been released yet. We have the premiere in September and it will then be on at film festivals and on YouTube.


How long were you filming and were any special effects used?

It was three days in Yorkshire and then a day of voiceover work. Most people had fake blood and cuts and zombie faces. I loved seeing everyone get made up. They also used drones to film from up high that was really interesting to watch and it was also my first introduction to green screen and I even got involved in holding up the green screen for other people’s scenes too.


Are you looking forward to start filming for your lead role in Charlotte Greenwood in a Fairy Fantasy?

Yes, it’s going to be amazing. I fly quite a bit so I’m going to be in a full harness and flying through the air. I love anything that’s a bit different or crazy.


Is there anything you can tell us about your character?

Charlotte is a ten-year-old girl who has powers she’s not aware of. She gets teleported to a magical land where there are fairies living and a dark fairy sets out to remove her from the land. There’s lots of twists along the way. I love fairies so it’s going to be really magical.


Will you be filming in the UK and do you know how long you’ll have to spend away from home?

It’s going to film for two months and it’s in London, so I should be able to go home. There is going to be a touring truck, so some nights I might be sleeping on that if it’s early starts or late nights.


Do you have any acting plans other than Charlotte Greenwood in the next few months?

Hopefully something else will come along very soon. Fingers tightly crossed.


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