Chloe Lea

Chloe Lea

Previously appearing in top drama series, Scott & Bailey, in 2016, Chloe Lea could recently be seen starring in Jacqueline Wilson’s new CBBC adaptation, Katy. Chloe played the lead role of Katy in the mini-series where she had to get to grips with using a wheelchair. Chatting to us, Chloe tells us more about Katy, the BAFTA event she attended and working on a Jacqueline Wilson series.

How did you get into acting?

My nanna suggested I should start doing acting at a drama school so I signed up to 13 Performing Arts School and loved it ever since.


Apart from acting, do you have any other talents?

I think I’m pretty good at sports, particularly football.


What do you remember about your time on Scott & Bailey?

I remember when I got the part, I was really excited.


Was this your first acting role?

Scott & Bailey was my first acting role.

Chloe Lea - Katy

Had you read any of the Jacqueline Wilson books before starring in her latest CBBC series, Katy?

Yes, I had read Cliffhanger and The Story of Tracy Beaker.


How did you find out you’d got the part?

I found out I got the part whilst I was eating pizza in a restaurant.


Was Jacqueline Wilson part of the casting panel?

No, but I think she was happy with the performance I did.

BAftas 2

What can you tell us about your character?

Katy is very sporty and quite a tomboy, I also think she is very determined.


What was a typical day on set?

Well, first I would go into makeup and costume, then I would be called on set and then I would have tutoring in between scenes.


What was it like to film the series?

It was a massive learning experience for me because I had the opportunity to learn off other actors.


Did you have to do any research for the part?

Yes, I had to learn off a wheelchair basketball player called Jordanna and she helped me with the wheelchair.


How difficult was it learning how to use a wheelchair?

It wasn’t really hard but it was very enjoyable. As I said, Jordanna taught me the basics.


How does it feel to be part of a Jacqueline Wilson adaptation?

It feels amazing and phenomenal because this is a massive achievement for me.


Can you tell us more about the BAFTA Kids TV Preview that you attended?

At the BAFTA Kids event, they introduced me to Dame Jacqueline Wilson. I had to do an interview for the YouTube channel and had to do a Q&A after the screening.


Are you working on any current projects?

Not at the moment but I’m doing auditions and looking for parts.


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