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📷 : Natasha Corne @natashacornephotography

Coming to the public eye on last year’s The X Factor where he reached the quarter-finals and being mentored by judge Louis Walsh, Sam Black has now been signed to Daniel Model Management as well as continuing with his music career. Sam became a fan favourite in the Bootcamp round of the competition, after he proposed to his girlfriend on stage, and was soon brought back to Judge’s Houses. Talking to us, we find out about his upcoming model career, his X Factor return and what he’s doing musically.

How was it finding out you got a place at judge’s houses after originally being sent home?

I really couldn’t believe my luck, especially when I knew how much talent was in the competition this year and he picked me to come back. It was very overwhelming for me and my family.

The songs you performed on the show were all upbeat, was this your music style before?

I never really had much experience before the show, I’d not done a proper gig so it was all new to me but I definitely like to have fun on stage.

What was it like being away from your family for so long?

It was so hard, my son was under one year old so I missed him a lot but I knew I was there to better the life of my family. I was doing it for them.

Was it easy fitting back into normal life?

I’ve found it a bit strange, coming out to people recognising me in the street and asking for photos. But I enjoy it!

What would you say was your X Factor highlight?

My X Factor highlight was meeting all the contestants who are now my best friends, I’ve met friends for life.

Did you notice an increase in social media interaction?

Yes, I now have 90k followers on instagram , it’s crazy! I went in there with about 300 followers. Before The X Factor I’d be lucky if I got about ten likes on a photo haha! Now I have fan pages from all over the world! Crazy.

How long had you planned your proposal?

I’ve wanted to propose to Emma since we found out she was pregnant, but wanted it to be special and could never find the right moment so I thought Bootcamp was a perfect moment.

Can you tell us what you’ve been up to since appearing on the show?

Since the show I’ve been doing a lot of gigs around the UK and have more upcoming which I’m really excited about! I’ve also signed to a modelling agency which is something new for me but I’m really excited for the future.

What was your ambition as a child, and how did you get into music?

My ambition as a child was to take after my grandad who was a singing waiter in Liverpool, he was always my inspiration growing up. My dad would always be playing music around the house too when I was younger.

Do you have any plans to release music or YouTube covers this year?

I’m currently in and out of studio sessions working on originals and I’m hoping to do a collaboration with a few of the other X Factor contestants which should be fun. I need to get around to setting up a YouTube account soon I’ve just been so busy lately.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Probably James Arthur, you didn’t see on the show but I play guitar almost every day and his music is definitely my type of vibe.

Will you be doing any meet ups or shows?

Yes, at most of my gigs there’s always a meet and greet afterwards, I always tweet where I’m gigging a few nights before.

📷 : Natasha Corne @natashacornephotography

What was it like attending the Pride of Britain Awards?

It was unreal, another highlight of my X Factor experience. Getting to sing with Rod Stewart in the toilets ha! A moment I will never forget. It really hit home hearing all of the inspirational stories about all the incredible people and how brave they are, it was a very emotional night and I was lucky to be there.

What do you enjoy most about Instagram Live?

I just like interacting with my fans, it’s nice to talk to them after so many voted to keep me in the competition. I really appreciate their support, I can’t tell you how thankful I am to every single person supporting me.

Is modelling something you’ve always been interested in or is this a new venture?

I’ve never really thought about doing modelling before, but the opportunity came along and I always think you should try something new and step out of your comfort zone sometimes. I’m looking forward to getting to work and seeing what its all about.

Will you be doing any catwalk shows in the near future?

I’m not too sure yet, I’m currently in the process of building up my portfolio but you never know.

📷 : Natasha Corne @natashacornephotography

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