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Inspiring YouTuber Jade Bowler, known online as UnJaded Jade, has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in just under a year. Passionate about self-confidence and veganism, you can find Jade uploading motivational videos to her channel weekly. Answering our questions recently, we find out about her YouTube channel, books and meet-ups.

How did you start your YouTube channel?

I started my YouTube Channel February of last year, although planned it for months in advance. I think I secretly always wanted a channel, but never actually voiced it. I always thought the barrier between me and YouTube was having a “proper” camera and, after a year of saving up, I split the cost with my parents and received one for Christmas. The next few months were spent furiously teaching myself how to edit videos, how to make thumbnails and just generally how to be a YouTuber. I honestly do believe that these preparations are what allowed me to be successful so quickly!

How did you find uploading your very first video?

As expected, terrifying! As a small creator, there’s always this fear of judgement, whether it’s from peers, family members or even yourself. However, unlike many new YouTubers who tend to hide their channel, I made a point of announcing it to people at school and on social media. There’s something about owning your platform and letting people know you’re proud of it that deters people from making negative remarks.

Did it take you a while to decide on the name UnJaded Jade?

Definitely! With a short name like Jade, I always found it hard to think of nicknames or puns that were relevant. I first harboured the idea of the word “unjaded” around November 2016, just before I got my camera. I remember voicing the name to my brother and close friends, only to receive a lot of initial confusion and being asked to repeat it! Regardless, I think the adjective “unjaded” poignantly summarises who I am, and it’s strange to imagine my channel being anything else now.

Does your channel take up a lot of your time?

It does, particularly as it’s so different from other part-time jobs in that it is completely intertwined with your life. There are no set hours, and even engaging on social media on my phone is an extension of my channel. With the heavy workload of A-levels and being Head Girl of my school, I have definitely learned the art of prioritising and setting myself mini deadlines. Holding myself accountable with to-do lists is so important!

Do you remember who the first YouTuber was that you watched?

The first proper YouTuber I ever watched must have been Zoella. While I definitely had an obsessive little phase, I think the fact that I was never as interested in makeup and beauty made the ‘typical’ YouTuber slightly less appealing to me. It was only when I was first introduced to vegan YouTubers or those spreading specific messages of positivity that I really found what I loved within the platform. I also began to realise just how powerful it could be.

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Will you be uploading an updated bookshelf tour?

In the future, I would love to upload one! Going through my bookshelf brings back so many amazing memories of books I’ve loved.

Which books would you recommend for a fun read?

For a fun and easy read, The Selection series by Kiera Cass has always been one of my favourites, based around a competition in which girls have been selected from around the country to compete for the Prince’s hand in marriage – a Dystopian twist on “The Bachelor”.

One of my favourite YA summery books is also Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. For fantasy, I love the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo! I could definitely go on, but I think I’ll stop there!

You recently surpassed 100k subscribers, how does this make you feel?

It’s a milestone that is truly incomprehensible. Trying to fathom that many people in your mind is almost impossible, and I’m just so grateful for how fortunate I’ve been! This enriching community of supportive and positive people only motivates me further to continue growing and learning.

Which five words describe you best?





UnJaded 😉

Do you have plans for merchandise or a book?

Not currently! If I do decide to have merchandise in the future, I’m passionate about being fully involved in the process and creating products that will actually benefit people in some way! In my eyes, there’s no point having merch for the sake of merch! As for a book, the first job I ever wanted to have as a child was an author, and my old laptop is littered with stories and inspiration. Perhaps the future will hold more writing!

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What would a simple revision tip be?

Eliminate distractions. It’s easy to emphasise the importance of revision techniques, timetabling etc, but if your actual revision time involves checking social media every ten minutes, you may as well not be revising! Getting in the zone and stimulating your focus is so important (and easier said than done!).

As a vegan, do you find it difficult finding a suitable restaurant?

Initially, yes. However, over the last two years, I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the availability of options. Almost every restaurant I encounter now will cater for vegans, you just have to ask! Whether it’s the vegan menu at Wagamama, the vegan pizza with non-dairy cheese at Pizza Hut and Pizza Express, or Pret à Manger providing multiple vegan sandwiches, it’s a lot more accessible!

You’ve done meet-ups in the past, do you have any planned for the new year?

Although none are physically scheduled in, I definitely plan to have another one. I’m also very interested in having one in Northern England, as my last meet ups were limited to London area.

Did you get a good response from these?

I really did. The sense of community in the room was tangible, and I was surprised by how many individuals came on their own – so brave! Having the opportunity to personally meet the people who offer you so much support through the internet is absolutely amazing. Both meet ups were such a massive highlight of 2017!

Can you see yourself continuing YouTube for the foreseeable future, do you think it will be more difficult when at University?

I definitely can’t imagine giving it up, even if life gets a little busier! Seeing as a lot of my channel is made up of chatty videos, I’ve found that the platform has become such a source of release in the chaos of life, and I love that sharing my own experiences is a way of indirectly helping others. At University, I imagine it will be difficult initially to find my flow in balancing the various aspects of life, but it will be even more amazing to have it all documented. My channel is definitely an extension of who I am!

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