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Multi-talented teenager Ellie Ellsworth has recently appeared on screens in the festive Netflix movie 48 Christmas Wishes in her role as Emma. Having also appeared on stage as Tessie in Annie at the Randolph Theatre, Toronto, you can find Ellie continually uploading music to her website and YouTube channel. Taking time out to talk to us, we chat all things acting, music and live performances.

What was the experience like on set of Netflix’s 48 Christmas Wishes as Emma?

Being on the set of 48 Christmas Wishes was awesome and lots of fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the other cast members and keep in touch with most of them still.

📷 : 48 Christmas Wishes – Netflix

Can you tell us about the auditioning process for the role?

They actually had us audition to be an elf and I submitted a self-tape. I guess they liked my audition and I got a callback to come in and do a table read for the role of Emma with all of the other actors.

Was Emma in 48 Christmas Wishes your first professional acting job?

Yes. I had only ever been in school plays before landing the role of Emma.

📷 : 48 Christmas Wishes – Netflix

You’ve recently finished playing the role of Tessie in Annie at the Randolph Theatre, what was it like appearing in the musical?

Being in Annie was awesome! We just finished the run last weekend. Being in Annie was a big step up from the school plays I had been a part of. I just started high school when I joined the cast of Annie, so it has been challenging balancing school and all the work it takes to be part of a professional production. I really loved working with all of the other girls and cast members. Two of my favourite memories were seeing the amazing sets for the first time and performing in front of a live audience when we opened.

Can you say more about playing Tessie?

Tessie is one of the orphans. She is known for her catchphrase, “Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!” and she swings from being happy one minute and worrywart the next. I would have been happy playing any of the orphans, but being Tessie was fun.

How long were you in rehearsals for the show?

The auditions for Annie were held in September and once the cast was selected, we started into four-hour rehearsals on both days of the weekend for two months. As we got closer to the production, we started to have additional rehearsals, with a very busy tech week and dress rehearsals right before the show.

📷 : Annie

Do you have a dream theatre show you would most like to perform in?

Now that I have performed in Annie as an orphan and Annie, I think it would be awesome to play Miss Hannigan when I’m grown up.

We understand you’ve been part of the music group Girl Pow-R, can you tell us about this?

Girl Pow-R is a pop-rock group for empowering girls. They write music, sing and dance. Once the group was selected, we worked hard to be stage ready. With the group, I performed at least once a week on stage at a ton of venues, and it really helped me improve my stage presence. It was a ton of work, but a great experience.

As a soloist, what can audiences expect from your live performances?

Lots of acoustic covers. I play guitar and sing in what most people call the singer-songwriter style.

Apart from guitar, can you play any other instruments?

Yes, I can play the ukulele (self-taught). I dabble with percussion and piano too.


What age did you get into music?

I’ve been singing since I was young but started taking vocal lessons when I was nine. When I was really young, I took a couple of piano lessons, but I don’t think I was ready to get serious.

Are there any UK artists you enjoy listening to and have you ever been to the UK?

Ed Sheeran and Birdy, to name a couple. I have covered songs from both of them. I’ve never been outside of North America. It would definitely be fun to visit the UK.

Can you see your future career in acting, singing or both, and would you consider entering talent shows such as The X Factor?

I’m not really sure, I guess I just like performing. I still don’t have any plans. I’m still young and I don’t think it would be bad to try out lots of stuff and let whatever happens, happen. I wouldn’t rule any opportunity out, but I am not a big fan of contests.

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