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Comedian Matt Richardson is currently on his latest UK tour, which is set to head to Brighton’s Komedia tomorrow, Friday 20th October. Matt is now also an established radio presenter on Virgin Radio and a TV presenter having hosted The Xtra Factor and Celebrity Haunted Hotel on the TV channel W. Chatting to Matt ahead of his Brighton date, we found out how he fits touring around radio, how he got into presenting and what we can expect from him in 2018.

You are currently on your headline tour, what can audiences expect from these shows?

It’s really rude but very funny. I admit to things most people wouldn’t tell their best friends, let alone an audience.

Are there any places on this tour that you haven’t visited before and, if so, did you get a good reception?

Yeah! I’ve never been to Fareham in Hampshire and that was great! I’m also going to Newcastle for the first time with a tour show so I’m excited about that!

Do you ever get audience members who you try and involve with your show that won’t co-operate?

Rarely at a tour show, since the audience are a little more theatre-y than comedy club types. But in Edinburgh during the Fringe I was on pretty late so had some difficult ones – Jay from The Inbetweeners came on a stag do and his friends heckled me. Not ideal.

Do you ever change your show to fit with an audience?

I always do a bit of local research to drop in some references, I think people really appreciate that!

What do you enjoy most about touring?

I love the shows, and hanging out with my lovely support act Katie – we have a laugh whilst basically touring the grimmest service stations in the country!

Which would you say is easier, performing to a large or small audience?

Large. If there are 1000 people it’s easy to create an atmosphere whereas twenty is tricky to make it not awkward. Also, if only half of 1000 people laugh that’s 500 laughs, rather than ten!

Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?

I’ve gone on stage many times with my flies undone. But the most embarrassing moment is when the audience just stare at you in silence, it’s pretty humiliating.


Would you like to record a DVD of one of your live shows?

I would, but DVDs are dead, aren’t they? It’s all about Netflix! I don’t think there’s much call for a Matt Richardson Netflix special, though.

What comedians did you watch growing up?

Russell Howard and Greg Davies were my favourites. I love gigging with them and them knowing who I am – it makes fifteen-year-old me very happy!

What’s it like filming Celebrity Haunted Hotel and have you always been interested in the paranormal?

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a show, I loved it. I’m a real skeptic but it was really creepy, and I’m much more open to it now than I was!

Would you like to do more TV?

Yeah, I love doing TV – it’s really fun and collaborative! If they keep asking, I’ll keep doing it!

How did you get into presenting radio and TV?

It was an accident! Someone from ITV saw me do stand-up and they asked me to audition for The Xtra Factor in 2013 and I got the job! The radio is a similar job, the head of Virgin Radio saw me and brought me in for a test run!

How do you fit touring around your radio work?

Whilst I’m on tour I’m on the radio Monday to Thursday and then touring Friday to Sunday! It’s quite hectic but I love it.

We understand you recently met Lynda Baron (Auntie Mabel from Come Outside), where was this?

Ha! I was so excited, I never ask for photos but she was my hero! I met her at a party for TV channel Gold. I asked her where Pippin was and she replied very stony-faced, “Dead”.

What can we expect from you in 2018?

Celebrity Haunted Mansion, our new version of the show is on early in the year and I’ll be on the radio still!

Catch Matt’s show at Komedia in Brighton on Friday 20th October, tickets here!

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