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Eighteen-year-old Jayden Revri is showing his all-round ability of acting, dancing and singing in The Lodge which is currently in its second series on the Disney Channel. Having been cast as one of the series’ main characters, Noah, it has led him to attending a Disney premiere and recording The Lodge’s soundtrack in a studio. We caught up with Jayden about filming in Northern Ireland, learning dance routines and what it’s like starring in a hugely successful Disney series.

How did you get into acting? 

I was scouted by an agency at my Year 6 production of The Lion King after securing the role of Simba. I then joined the agency, after gaining further experience at Stagecoach, which I attended for four years.

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Did you always know you wanted to do musicals? 

I had always had an interest in acting, singing and dancing, so it was amazing when the opportunity arose to play a character in a show that encompassed all three skills. Playing a leading role in a musical drama series was just a dream come true and I really feel that my acting, singing and dancing skills have all improved since working on The Lodge, partly due to the amazing training we were provided.

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📷 : Disney Channel (The Lodge)

For those that have never seen The Lodge, can you tell us a bit about it and your character? 

The Lodge is a teen musical drama series that follows the story of a girl called Skye who has moved from the city to the country following the death of her mother. When she gets to the country she finds herself running her Mum’s old Lodge called The North Star and when she gets there she meets a bunch of new friends, finds herself in a few sticky situations and there may be a love triangle or two involved.

I play Noah, one of Skye’s friends that she meets at The Lodge. He is a funny, clumsy, colourful character who always tries to do what’s best for his friends. You can straight away see that he has a little soft spot for another character called Kaylee and this doesn’t always go in his favour but even though his head may not be in the right place sometimes, his heart always is.

📷 : Disney Channel (The Lodge)

Had you visited Ireland before filming? 

It was actually my first time in Northern Ireland when we filmed Series 1 of The Lodge and I must say that it is definitely one of my favourite places, the people are so friendly and welcoming and there are so many amazing places to visit and so many beautiful sights to see.

The one challenge we had filming in Northern Ireland, was the weather. Trying to film a series based in summer at the peak of winter proved very difficult, luckily for us we had a very professional and skilful crew and a bunch of hand warmers and ear protectors!


Did you get to explore Ireland?

We actually did get quite a bit of free time so whenever we weren’t learning lines, going through dance routines or studying we all tried to get out as much as we could and explore the lovely Northern Ireland.

What was it like attending the premiere of Aladdin last year? 

It was my first premiere, which was exciting. When Jade (Alleyne) and I arrived, we walked down the purple carpet and were stopped by the photographers on the side for pictures which was very surreal but so much fun. The show was amazing and I highly recommend it.

📷 : Disney Channel (The Lodge)

Did you know any of the cast or crew before getting the role of Noah?

I had met all of the guys through the audition process at some point but none of us actually knew anyone on a first name basis beforehand. I guess it makes it even better as we all started the journey together and have become such a close family since, I can personally say it feels like I’ve known them my whole life!

How hard are the dance routines to learn? 

All of the routines are very challenging, but luckily for us, we have a long rehearsal process where we all get individual training and a lot of time put into developing our knowledge and technique in dance. This makes the routines a lot easier to learn and makes them seem less complex.


What was it like recording The Lodge CD? 

Hearing the songs for the first time is always the best part about recording the soundtrack as you get such a feel of the direction the series is heading. As far as recording goes, we all have so much fun in the studio. We are always given plenty of recording time and vocal training. I’m very pleased with how the soundtrack came out this year and I feel as though the music was taken to the next level which is what we all wanted to happen for Series 2.

Do you have a favourite song from Series 1 and 2?

I’d have to say my favourite song from Series 1 is What I’ve Been Wishing For as it’s the song where we all sing together and we’re all sat around a campfire, it was just beautiful to film and watch. My favourite song from Series 2 definitely has to be Watch Me as the lyrics really speak a lot to me personally and because Jade’s voice is amazing.


How amazing is it knowing that The Lodge is aired in America?

None of us thought it would be possible if I’m honest, it just goes to show how all of the amazing characters and themes which Disney have created resonate globally. We really wanted viewers to watch the show and be able to take something away from it.

Do you watch yourself on TV? 

I happen to have a lot of younger siblings at home so I don’t really have a choice in what I watch. If I did, I probably would as there are some scenes which we don’t get to see being filmed to do with other characters and obviously you get to read the scenes in the read-through but it’s really nice to see them on the screen.

📷 : Disney Channel (The Lodge)

Do you have anything else you are appearing in soon? 

I may have a little something coming up in the near future but I am not able to mention 😄.

What are your plans for the next year?

I would love a theatrical movie role but also want to build on my experience and improve skills.

Catch new episodes of the second season of The Lodge, Fridays at 5.30pm on Disney Channel and DisneyLife.

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