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Bedford-born singer-songwriter Tom Grennan has been in the studio recording his debut album due to be released next year. His song Found What I’ve Been Looking For is on the Premier League soundtrack and will be heard for the next two seasons. After a summer filled with festivals, Tom is now ready for his headline tour including a sell-out show at London’s Koko. We caught up with him at Victorious Festival about his upcoming album, football and his fast-approaching tour.

You’ve got a busy weekend with festivals, how do you stay focused?

I probably just do what I’m doing now kind of just chill out for a bit and then prepare myself for the show. I’ll then come back and just chill out again. If I’ve got a weekend of festivals or however many festivals in a week, I can’t really be getting drunk and that kind of stuff! I put on a film, chill out really.

Is this your first time playing at Victorious?

Yeah! I haven’t been to Portsmouth too many times. It’s my first time at Victorious. I had a little wander around, seems cool out there.

What was it like playing at Leeds Festival, did you get to see any of the other acts?

No, I didn’t. Like I say about chilling, I like to go and see other people, but I was on quite late so I didn’t want to use all my energy and get drunk!

How’s the work coming along with your album, is there anything you can tell us about it?

The album’s nearly finished, and that’s the only thing I can say about it. It’s very epic right now so it’s going to be good.

Your song is part of the Premier League playlist, how did this come about?

I don’t know really. The song was already out and they heard it and they were like, ‘we really want to use it, there’s a section in it that needs to be changed to fit the football’. I was like cool I’ll change it and I did.

And it’s played quite a lot of times?

It’s two seasons. It’s every week so hopefully people will hear it.

We understand you used to play football, was it a hard decision choosing music over a football career?

No because I think every little young boy or even young girl sometimes are football mad. I wasn’t good enough and I ended up finding something that I was kind of good at. I wasn’t really good at school either, ended up falling into music and found out that I was actually alright at doing what I do.

Are you prepared for your headline tour?

Yeah I’m prepared for it, I’m ready for it of course. I’m so buzzing.

Will you be debuting any new music at the shows?

Yeah definitely.

How do you decide which to release as singles?

I don’t know really, just what songs sound massive and what songs can suit radio. I haven’t really thought about it, if you believe in a song that much then you’re like let’s go for that one and hope that it does well for a single.

You’re taking your tour to Germany, have you played there before?

I’ve played in Germany before yeah. We’re going to Germany, Netherlands, Paris, Sweden, we’re going all over Europe and it’s going to be sick! I’ve played in Germany a few times and the Germans love it, they’re mad, they’re mental and they really like listening to music. Sometimes you go to an English gig and everyone’s talking which is cool, whatever, but Germans proper listen.

What’s it like knowing you’ve sold out Koko?

Unbelievable, very humble, very pinch yourself moment. It’s crazy, I never thought I’d do it, but it’s been done. I hope that I can go and smash it and then sell out another, either Koko or just go bigger and the plan is to go bigger.

Where did you play your first ever show and have you been back?

I played it in a pub called Bear in Bedford, where I’m from. I’ve been back, not to play but I have been back, but it’s been refurbished.

Do you have to have a different mindset playing at festivals rather than your own concert?

I don’t think so, apart from the people. Some people don’t know you and are there not just to see you. I just bring energy and if they’re not there to see me, how do I win a fan, how do I be myself really.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?

Just general life really. My stories, my parent’s stories, my friends’ stories, just stories. I think the world runs on stories so if you find a little way of writing about them, then write about them.

How different is it recording an album opposed to an EP?

Well there’s more songs! I’ve put so much love into my EPs and I’ve given so much love into my album. Hopefully this album will change my life, that’s what I’m planning for it to do. I don’t think I go into it thinking different, I think all of what I put out is like my babies, so I’m just treating it as another love of mine.

How did you get involved with the Grenfell Tower Charity Track?

I got called up for it. That’s a song that shouldn’t have had to happen. I was very humbled to be on it and to be asked to do it. It was very emotional doing it. There was a spirit in the studio and a spirit between everyone coming together. It was something that shouldn’t have happened but it happened.

You’re playing at Soccer Six this year, are you looking forward to it?

Yeah I’m ready to win don’t worry about that one. We’ll be lifting the trophy not a problem!

What’s it like hearing your songs play on the radio for the first time?

Mad, that’s the only word I can describe it as, mad! I always get a text from dad or mum because they listen to the radio. I don’t listen to much radio because I haven’t got the time, unless it’s on in the room. It’s crazy, it’s cool.

You’re obviously going to be busy working on your album, do you have any plans once it is completed?

To tour it and to get it to every corner of the universe.

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