Exit Kid


Having recently released their debut EP, Exit Kid are ready to hit the studio for more tracks in between touring with their other band, Years & Years. Emre Turkmen and Dylan Bell make up the duo who have already released music videos for three of their tracks this year, starting with It’s Cool back in April. We spoke to them about their EP, filming their music video and how the band started.

When and how did the idea of Exit Kid come about?

Needs must.


How did you come up with the name?

It was from a random band-name generator while waiting for a flight at Berlin airport (fact).


Does it feel strange not having Olly and Mikey involved?

It feels not strange because I made music by myself in a room before being in a proper band. My mum would try to come in and I’d scream for her to get out. Olly is my mum.


Can we expect to see any Exit Kid live shows?

Hope but don’t expect. I’m not a natural performer, I’m afraid.


What instruments apart from drums and synthesiser can you both play?

Drums is all Dylan can play. Drums is the only thing I cannot play. (That’s a lie, I’m shit on the oboe).


Tell us about your EP, ‘Exit Kid’. What can people expect from it?

Expectation has always been overwhelming for me. So I wouldn’t expect much if I were you.


How long did it take to produce your EP?

We operated on a song-a-day policy. So not long, really.


Do you have any more music being released soon?

I’ve got a whole bunch of songs written and (mostly) recorded but whether they’ll ever escape my grasp we’ll see.


What was it like filming the video for It’s Cool in stop-motion?

Very, very fun. Although, Joe (the creator) probably had a more stressful time as it is a very laborious process. I have offered to be his assistant in Indiana USA if he gives me food and shelter. I found it very therapeutic.


Your music is very different to your other band, Years & Years, how would you describe this music?

Fuzzy and honest.


Did you know each other before Dylan started drumming for Years & Years?
No, we met through Rob, who directed our music video for the song Real. It was love at first sight.


What are the future plans for Exit Kid?

Exit Kid is your creepy uncle who left his wife, ran away with the au-pair and went on a crime spree in Texas before finally being apprehended in Mexico. No plans.


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