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With the release of his debut single High Heel’d Shoes at the beginning of July, just a month later, Seann Miley Moore is about to release his debut EP. He has an exciting summer promoting his EP and live performances, including his EP launch on Monday night. We catch up with him ahead of the release to talk new music, touring and his ideal evening out.

You moved over to the UK before entering The X Factor, how different is it living here than in Australia?

The weather first of all! I didn’t really know what to expect, I mean I’ve seen Notting Hill, so my vision of London was British movies, Notting Hill, Love Actually so yeah very romantic. When I first got here I think the main thing was the culture shock, especially with so many mix of ethnicities. Australia’s very white, like on TV watching Eastenders I was like, oh my god! On Australian TV it’s just blonde hair blue eyed people and even the mannequins when I went into a store, so it was just like wow not in Kansas anymore darling! I think especially just like the sunshine and the spaciousness. It’s very active in Australia because of the weather, and here it sort of gets a bit claustrophobic at times and a bit suffocating, but especially here there’s the thrive for arts and musical theatre and music, you can go somewhere at 2am and find amazing drag artists just performing her life out on stage, you never get that in Sydney.

You had great comments from all the judges at your audition, was the experience everything you had hoped it would be?

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into really. The X Factor in Australia is not the same. I always wanted to audition so I thought why not do it on the biggest stage that is London in front of Simon Cowell, it was a thrilling experience. Very stressful but I sort of stuck to my own guns, it’s very important to know who you are or just be strong in your aesthetic and authenticity because they can throw curveballs, or sort of manipulate you to do things that you shouldn’t, at the end of the day I stuck to my own accord and I had a fabulous time.

You were asked to go on The X Factor tour, had this been discussed previously or was it a complete surprise?

Complete surprise! My management actually knew about it before they brought me back on ITV. I went back and they just surprised me on air and I was like oh my god. It was a bit of a shock to leave that early but it was amazing to do The X Factor tour. I got to sing The Show Must Go On and Life On Mars just after Bowie’s death at The O2 Arena, wow, so it was spectacular!

What have you been up to since The X Factor?

My EP’s out on Tuesday the first of August which is super exciting. I have my launch night on Monday. I’ve just been working in the studio really which has been so amazing, and also just been doing a lot of gay pride performances from Brussels to Maspalomas to Leeds, Brighton, sort of all over the place and it’s so amazing to feel that sort of love from the crowd, especially in the pride sort of setting. That’s the main thing, to be fabulous and confident and just spread that love and you just feel that from the crowd so it’s been great.

What can you tell us about your EP?

Oooh, well there’s four songs on the EP and I’ll be dropping a few soon after, but most of it’s been inspired by the seventies music very disco pop and if you guys heard my first single, High Heel’d Shoes, it’s super fun and funky. It was definitely inspired by all of the prides, because it’s such fun energy that I wanted to sort of sing about that as well.

Have you got your outfit sorted for the launch?

Oh my god, I have no idea what I’m going to wear. I think I have this fabulous couture piece to start with, after my fashion film comes on, but I’m trying to just figure out what I want to do when I take it off, I have something just a bit more casj but chic underneath but not sure yet.

How long did the EP take to record?

Well, I have been in the studio for about a year, so about a year really! It’s the first time I’ve been in a studio setting so with all the stuff I’ve created I’m 100% behind it. I know it’s the beginning of it all, to really find my sound and how I want to do it because it’s all just a learning curve but it’s amazing I did it, so it’s great.

Have you kept some songs off of the EP?

Yeah, I’ll release them a bit later. I really wanted to put out this really stripped version, it’s called What Was I Fighting For, it’s just me and the electric guitar and it’s super raw, just sung from the heart which I hope to sort of rework, but I’ll definitely put that out after. Just to show this is the sort of vibe I’m working with, because at the end of the day I always start just me at the piano or just me at the guitar.

Is it all your own work?

All my own work, lyrics, melodies and I’ve had a fabulous producer called Neil Brock who helped bring that to life. I usually just bring in a memo of me and my piano and I’m like this is what I’ve got and we sort of just play from there and bounce back so it’s good.

Troy Management - Seann Miley Moore [High Heeld Shoes - Main]

Do you have any plans to tour around the UK?

Ooh I hope so, I mean I’m going to Derby, Doncaster Pride and I have a little gig in Monaco which will be fun, so I sort of need to. I think after the EP’s done I have someone to talk to, sort of organise an actual tour, I hope so. My focus is just to get past the fact that my EP’s out and then from there I can start. It’s super exciting!

Would you like to do any more theatre work?

Yes, oh my god, I love theatre. I mean, I studied in WAAPA where Hugh Jackman went over in Perth for three years. Actually all of my friends are here now in Cabaret which is fabulous and still auditioning that’s just the name of the game. I was really lucky enough to be in Sweet Charity and The King and I, which are both award-winning musicals, in 2014. Musical theatre will always be there so when the time is right I’ll keep auditioning, and if it’s right then I will definitely go back, it’s my roots, it’s amazing. I think especially being a pop artist I want to bring that to theatre and that story within the pop realm because at the end of the day I want to be myself on stage and not be a character which I had to do in musical theatre and sort of play someone else. Whereas I want to be myself and know that what I’m doing now is going to inspire a lot. So many people from around the world say, ‘thank you so much for being you, Seann, you have inspired me to be fearless and confident within myself’ and that’s my artist, that’s my purpose as an artist, so within any world it needs to highlight that.

If you hadn’t gone into music, what do you think you would be doing?

I have no idea. I sort of dabbled in everything when I was younger, so I don’t know. I love being by the ocean, sometimes I feel like if I wasn’t on stage I’d be a scuba diving instructor, just by the beach and by the dolphins. Or a tennis player, I’m really good at tennis, let me tell you I used to play some, I just recently picked up the racket again because I just needed to destress and it’s my meditation tennis, I love it.

Do you ever get chance to go back to Australia?

I haven’t been back in two years, but I definitely want to go back, definitely.

Are your family still out there?

Family still in Sydney but they’ve come over, seen me at The O2 and they’ve come here because my dad’s half British, so he comes back and sees friends.

Are there any artists you like listening to?

Ooooh, I’m really loving Lorde’s new album, it’s super, I don’t know it just makes me feel super angsty, like Liability, I really relate to that song, and just the harmonies and just the beat of it, just makes me sit in the music and just want to sort of close my eyes and dance, I love that album. Dua Lipa in a way, she’s a bit funky and a bit cool, the new song’s great. Spotify’s amazing because I usually always put my Nina Simone Spotify on because that’s just who I like, one of my idols in music, I love her. She’s political and she’s on the piano and just wow. Yeah, just an array of things but definitely Lorde’s new album, I really like it.

Would you like to collaborate with anybody?

Oh wow, of course I would. I’m in that moment now, my first EP’s out, it’s just the start of it all now. To collaborate with artists, with new producers, and just really find my sound and just keep growing as a musician which I really love. It’s actually been really great to be at pride circuit because I get the whole extravaganza and the show. On Monday (EP launch) it’s sort of just going to be a bit more intimate and stripped back and just singing to a closer audience which I really need to get back to. Hopefully, after my music’s out, I’m just going to go around London and find any live gigs that I can go in a slot and just sing, really get myself out there with my new material.

What would be your ideal evening out?

Oh depends who with, all my besties, all my girlfriends. It’s actually so funny how you say that because I haven’t seen some of my friends for like five years and they’re actually here, I’m seeing them tonight. We’re going out to a bar, have a little drinkie and just chat. It really depends, I like to watch a bit of theatre, maybe go for some food, have a couple of espresso martinis, get a bit wild, I love to just dance at a club really, it’s fun.

Do you have a stylist when you are performing or do you choose all your own outfits?

I choose my own outfits. There’s so many people in London, so throughout the year I’ve gone to fashion parties and all these events, they’ve recognised me from the show and said, ‘you’re fabulous, what are you up to?’ And I’m like, well I’m doing my music. I’ve met these lovely pair Julia Faulkner and Lorena Hyman who helped style and photograph all my EP artwork and stuff, so if I need a few things I usually ask her or I just usually reach out to designers, I sort of know what I want and then I just style it myself.

Have you ever considered launching a clothing or make-up range?

Yeah, that is the dream. I mean I’m all about being yourself and being you. So many people say, ‘you stand for gender fluidity’. I’m a proud gay man and I’m a man who loves to just wear fashion, to just wear clothes, to just put on make-up. That make-up and fashion is genderless, in my mind it’s just like music, to express yourself and have fun and you shouldn’t be afraid really, you know it’s just dress up. So yeah, I would love to have my own make-up line and fashion line it would be amazing.

What are your plans for the next year?

I’m not sure to be honest, which is a lovely thing. I think the focus is Monday night’s EP launch and from then on see how it goes. It will be my own music but I definitely still want to be in London. I want to go back to Australia just to remove myself a bit and just have a bit of a breather. Now I have my own music, I can do what I want with it, go wherever and just sing.

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