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His YouTube videos have been seen by thousands, but now Ricky Ficarelli is entering a new venture. Having already toured with the likes of Hollywood Ending, Ricky is now set to announce his new band next month. We speak to him about the band, what their plans are and how he got to where he is today.

When did you start drumming and who influenced you?

My childhood home had a little guest house on the property that my dad used as an office/workshop. Inside, he kept a drum kit & stereo system. Watching him drum along to classic rock music was where it all started for me.


What did you do after leaving school, did you go straight into music?

I actually left traditional schooling to pursue music full time when I was 16. Although I did finish high school online (on & off the road).


If you could do a drum duet with anybody, who would it be?



You obviously play drums and guitar going by your YouTube videos, which other instruments can you play and are there any instruments you would like to be able to play?

Drumming & classical percussion will always be my foundation. But I also play guitar, bass (electric & upright), sing & the sitar as of recently. Music is an ocean of knowledge of which I’ve barely dipped a finger in.


What has been your favourite cover to do?

The first video I released this year was an acoustic rendition of a George Harrison song called “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)”, I’d pick that one.


Are you listening to any British bands/musicians at the moment?

As a group & as solo artists, I could never listen to enough music from The Beatles.


Are there any new artists you like listening to that your British fans may be interested in?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone this (because we’ve all heard) but the new Harry Styles album is superb. I really admire the honesty in musicianship, as well as the rock ‘n’ roll influence.


You’ve toured with Hollywood Ending, what was that like? Are you still in contact with them?

Touring in The States & the UK with Hollywood Ending in the summer of 2015 was a blast. I believe we were all in a very similar mindset going into that tour. It was the end of an era. They will all always be friends of mine I hope.


You’ve posted teasers of your new band, what can you tell us about it?

We’re announcing the band officially June 1st & following up the announcement with the first single/music video on June 4th. What I can say is this new band is a true & honest reflection of the music I’m influenced by, and that’s a first in my career so far.


You’ve uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube of you playing guitar and singing, what made you choose guitar over drumming in your new band, and would you like to do lead vocals occasionally?

In my new band I’ll be playing bass & singing backup for the live show. I still compose & record the drums in the studio, though. There wasn’t much thought behind the decision — given the writing process, this was just what felt right for this new venture.

(maybe someday I’ll sing lead on a tune or two for an album, who knows)


How did the band get together?

After my surgery in the summer of 2016 so many people got in touch with me to wish me well & send their love. The frontman, Troy, was one of those people. We had worked together when we were younger & when he got back in touch we had the same vision about music. The chemistry was exactly what we were both looking for in a bandmate. Troy brought Leo in for a jam session and almost 10 months later… The band is about to drop for everyone to hear!


Will you be playing original music as well as covers?

If the band plays a cover it’ll be something you wouldn’t expect (and seldom if any). I built my foundation on playing other people’s songs (as most musicians do).. Now I’m ready to focus on my own songs for the first time.


Do you have any plans to tour, if so would the UK feature in this?

As we grow, I hope to tour relentlessly. Playing on stage is the best part of being in a band.


It sounds like you are going to be busy this year with your band, do you have plans for holidays or anything else this year?

Gia’s birthday is Halloween and we went to Washington D.C. last year for a nice little vacation. I hope to do something similar for her birthday again this year. Beyond that, the rest of the year is about building this new band. I couldn’t be happier.


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